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2016-09-16 21:25:05 by swaenK

wow, wow, im writing, because, I am crazy and I need to vent energy.


i have nothing write here, YOU FRIGG OFF


2016-09-12 15:15:27 by swaenK

So destined to the truth of it's name, I think as a declaration, Newgrounds must be commited to moving forward, and breaking new ground. 

Even if Tom is off being a father/family he still has to keep in mind there is a community that expects new stuff and stuff. 

What does new mean ? 



but what I will say is that it would have to garner the attention of big business. Not venture capital, as I know some goons who got involved with them, and they stole all of their money and then sent them to jail. 

No, I mean, you have to ... become "big", ie: legit. Too legit, you never gona quit, na'hm sayin' ? 

There are certain legacies we all must note, legacies you must visualize and understand. To break newground means to, tredge forth, and SOMEFUCKINGHOW, make way, in the next for years... 

The next four years... 



Quitting the forum

2016-02-15 00:38:58 by swaenK

I am 100% finished on the forum 

I'll still contribute art or whatever but my days racking up post counts are gone 

for the record

2015-09-24 13:48:03 by swaenK

I logged into a girls computer once. A really nice girl, who was normal. She was a luddite, very annoying to argue with. It did a weird thing after the login where the page went to a different webpage than it was suppose to go to, like an edited, dark web duplicate of the original. Never seen anything like it. It was fairly well made, as good as the original but different in the design. There was absolutely nothing to of let me believe there was something unusual about this page.

It turned out she was an evil bitch and I think she drugged my alcohol beacuse I couldn't move my body and when I was removed from her house her friend had sex with my girlfriend. Rapist NDP.

Further I had a dream once where I was said to be murdered and my friend was to be murdered too. He said I might get away but he was probably done in because he had no where to go. Fact, on said night in question I seen a weird shooting star. I started walking in the opposite direction I was going straight into the bush. UPON ARRIVING HOME 4 HOURS LATER AS I GOT LOST, it was all over the news.

Hopefully is everyone is just okay and etc. >:(


2015-02-15 17:58:21 by swaenK

I am totally going to draw something soon like you know? you'll see, and stuff.

Imagine if you will

2015-01-05 13:47:02 by swaenK

Imagine if you will for one second, IF, you decided to do something devotional, or you were going to a devotional site, and along the way, YOU DECIDED TO PARTY, as if ... christening your... great sacrifice. You sir, would be a douche. You show up, hung over, reaking of puke and piss, and don't act like you didn't know, you did.

Radiogrounds Stream is Back

2011-11-05 19:09:54 by swaenK

Tune in via Quicktime
Tune in via Realplayer
Tune in via Windows Media Player
Tune in via Winamp

Thanks Newgrounds

2011-10-09 17:18:14 by swaenK

For being a friend who not only entertains me when I am bored and lonely, but for being a person who listens entirely when there's no one else around who wanted to listen. Not many people have time to listen or care ;-)


also upbeat: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /448229


2011-08-24 14:55:30 by swaenK

I am in the middle of buying stuff, yes that's right, stuff.

But I am so choked up on expenses that I can't afford what I want (okay I am getting a little greedy and I'm going for the Cadillac of purchases here).

Yes, there's faster laptops on the market than their counterpart apple BUT they're just not as well designed and they come with so much preloaded software and junk that it just doesn't tickle my fancy. After owning an iphone I dare say I have a love affair with apple now. Even if they are flash prejudice on their tablets.

So, I am trying to buy a $2000 mac laptop but then i'm like hey, this thing is bulky as shit, it's the size of a horses penis what the fuck. It's powerful, and it is beautiful but I want the extra strength without the extra weight.

I'm thinking about banking my resources and buying all my necessary shit this month like my plain tickets (the sure thing) and buying the laptop next month when optimistically I should have more money.

I am going to the denver meet up to get super plastered with psycho and amigos so that should be a blast. I will have to pre-drink before this to set my liver straight and remind it who's boss.

RG is going to be down until I get a place unless PG some how manifests a suitable solution. But damn I will be making some tunes as soon as this mac gets purchased.

Getting your ducks all in a row is always a fancy affair.

i feel too hammered up

2011-08-18 13:58:08 by swaenK

I am always trying to propel forward, think forward, be positive, but I just feel like every step forward is always two steps backwards.

There's the ying and the yang, and I feel like one is being left to die while the other prospers. So there's this big imbalance where too much ostentation occurs. Leads to stress, sadness, anger, sorrow, what ever. Yeah the power of the one side could lead to great things but at the same time it could easily swallow you whole and that ultimately is the greatest loss. Not saying you shouldn't live but, I need so much regiment to be happy it's unreal.

Perhaps they're not meant to be mixed. They're separated for a reason and when ever they start to mix they turn into this gray color that is a result of this overbearing idealist persona. Greyness could stand for any number of issues.

I think one issue could stem from a serious love of writing which in some way is just listening to the sound of my own voice talk. No great artist grew to great heights by listening to themselves talk, at least not until editing time.

What I am trying to get at is, life is so finite, and every day I can't help but feel like I've lost or misplaced some hope or dream that I should currently be enjoying. I think it's all a learned act, to some extent. With the amount I talk, I wouldn't take anything too seriously.

If a person was lost in a land of morons I am sure he would bludgeon his head to be like them, else always feel the pain of separation.