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I dream of a white Newgrounds, a Newgrounds without filth. A newgrounds that big fancy white guys might consider investing in. Men who would see an idea presented to them and they would pay to get a slice of the profit generated from this new idea. Does somebody care for a site that they can't even browse at their local library because the content is filtered by the web blocker? Sometime's things aren't OK, but people are too afraid to address the things that should be undercovers. 

Clean, super nice and new, not XXX. At most I would think that a general rating of a maximum R would be best. Semi-frontal nudity, blood/gore & coarse language. Sounds crazy, but imagine, a totally re-vamped Newgrounds, that did away with graphic images of animal sex and every other damn super unusual things. I am not pointing my finger at anyone exactly, because there is an entire section of "adult" material that sometimes shouldn't be mixed with things like LegendaryFrog Adam Phillips and David Firth which very well could attract the likes of smart young whippersnappers who have superb taste in awesome stuff. 

I could digress just how nasty some stuff in the portal is, but really just generally explicit material is enough to negate what could be a very big growth spurt into a whole new foray, onto newergrounds. To get there, we would want a white newgrounds... All white, clean, and soapy. 

I am not saying do away with your black-glamour design, that's foolish. There is so much contrast in the darkness, and I of all people love, the darkness. The light demeanour doesn't have to last for ever, surely not. It would however, justify Newground's changes and highlight the new changes and make people you want to notice Newgrounds, to notice Newgrounds.

Remember the black plague? You wanna know why the black plague happened? 'Cuz everyone was gross and dirty.  

I will leave this up for interpretation. 

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