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Hey NG wassup

Posted by swaenK - October 17th, 2019

That new redesign is spiffy.

I am at ends with some expressions of individuality at times though because it may conflict with another person's perception of themselves and others.

A person should always be able to express themselves but how they express their vision is quite important. I personally envision NG becoming something much more gigantic than it currently is or was.

We live in a new time, that seems like an oxymoron because time is always "new" but society accepts more now than it has ever. Our ability to condone our views has significantly improved since the 1950s but our ability to hate hasn't decreased.

We use to hate the publicist who spoke his opinion but now the publicist is hating people who do not condone his views it is almost a backwards cycle.

Anyway my design theology is that if a person has taken the time to make a beautiful design, something new, something mature, something edgy and free from tarnished history, while any design doesnt last forever, that design can always be used again and again elsewhere. Say, another painting of a different subject that people could view more objectively. These paintings get massive attention and that is because humans are driven beings that do not waste time

But in time what do you want to see? What do you want to show your friends and family? More or less? You can't have your cake and eat it too.

You can however open a store that sells cake.


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What is benign hate? Is it a disregard for another person's personage? How you view and treat another human being directly reflects your own will. A person's will is their identity. We should identify with being something people can relate to, something people want to identify with. Something modern??? Something new...

We should breed civility not hostility. A person's actions can forever haunt them. Some people arent absolutely blessed with gifts like others.

If a person so tries to take away my freedom I will serve them with an end, a demise, a misery they deserve. That isnt hostility it is justice. It is said that justice can be so terrible.

You also have to take into great consideration the cover of your book. What you see when you observe a page is something polite and honest. Then when you open the book, the content isn't as initially perceived. A company that sells chocolate bars cant also sell diabetic orphan monkeys under the same name. That's crazy.

I sense a profound level of wisdom packed into this post but not a clear direction in which it's being driven... though if the conclusion is we need more cake stores then yes, more cake stores would be good. In a metaphorical sense it seems we live in a time with all too many cakes already, cakes have to be all the more extravagant or controversial to compete and receive the attention they're worth, but... I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Either way I do like cakes. It's all a matter of making the best cake you can, and a matter of finding the cakes you wish to partake in amidst the mountains of cakes that exist.

I believe NG has all the more potential now than it's ever had, when equally free and expressive platforms are so lacking, but at the same time I fear what it might turn into if it becomes as big as all the other social communities I loathe. One of the reasons it's as special as it is might be because it's never grown bigger. At its pinnacle of fame, thus far, it seemed like it dealt with a small wave of arrogance and misdirection too... but fortunately that was a short-lived phase; everything's only been getting greater and greater since.

NG is like an movie festival. Everyone's poor and that sucks. We want to live like we are real movers and shakers. Tom has to remember to guard himself from people though, it's tough at the top.

Yet when you're poor you have the luxury of appreciating what you have and knowing what you don't really need. ;) Well, lack of funds with moderation. Great riches seem to corrupt people, but too little and you have nothing...

For sure.

Tell that to Donald Trump

Mmm. What do you think about Andrew Yang? Bernie Sanders? If you know of them? Feeling like there might be hope for the US yet after hearing them on the Joe Rogen podcast. Both seem like really sensible candidates.


I'm serious man. XD No? No hope?

Trump is hope.

You might not believe it but a terrible annoying bland stupid as hell Democrat would cause mass mental breakdown if Trump wasnt reelected.

Through no fault of his own thr world will experience famine. The American dollar will burst and the price of oil will plummet. The face you want to see and hate, and it will be hate that gets us through this not crying, is Trump. Anger beats sadness anyday.

Ah that's what you meant below! Mistook your response for a Trump dis. My bad.

Can't say I'm of the same strain of thought, but then again I don't live there, so my perspective might not ever really reflect the same values; perspective. Both Andrew and Bernie are on the Democrat side hmm... don't really feel like there's such a thing as republic or democrat these days though. I see left and right overall as more of just a wave game playing on social inclinations, two sides of the same coin. More important with the right ideas and drive than a particular allegiance.

Regarding Trump, I appreciate his free speaking; that he's not afraid to stir some controversy or offend people, he's been a breath of fresh air that way, and with that in mindI'm impressed at his diplomacy skills with Korea and Russia too, negotiating a truce with the former was so unexpected. But on the other hand he doesn't seem to see the dangers of unrestricted commerce and environmental damage at all.... dangerous. Big pharma. Crime. The drug problem. I'm just not seeing how he'd be able to solve what I consider the biggest issues right now. All other problems seem like an effect of how finances are currently managed. Getting educated on the potentials of UBI makes me at least feel like maybe there's a way to really get things on track again. Get the money back to those who need it, and keep it circulating within local communities rather than into institutions and unnecessary commercial monopolies. More local industries. More freedom to choose. More purpose. Less conflict. Maybe it'd incentive greener initiatives at the same time, and those issues would go out the window as well. Our reliance on fossil fuels.

Hate's definitely a driving factor. and trumps sadness, but love, y'know! That's the force I believe in. Compassion, understanding and rational thinking as a way to resolve our problems. That's a route I'd like to see. Not a fan of most of these candidates out there, on either side, but I am leaning on Bernie or Andrew possibly being a driving force in that direction.

If you happen to be interested/have way too much time to spare:

....would be pretty awesome if Trump jumped on there too btw. :) No better format to really hear what people have to say.

Environmentalism isnt a benefit of a true capitalist society like America. When environmentalism starts making people money it will boom and science dictates it will as it logically saves everyone money. In no time at all electric cars will be huge. The biggest solar farms in the world are in America, they create hot patches in the air so hot birds burn to death. And there isnt anything green about solar panels either they all end up in the landfill. It is incredibly environmentally intensive to mine lithium the battery necessary for building electric cars. I am a greeny though. If you save money by reducing trash that is a win. He is merely making a cash grab for companies by stopping pollution costs. There has to be a price to environmental damage and so on. People who hurt the environment intentionally for their own gain will meet their own ends depending on the severity of their greed. When your greed exceeds your care you have become a monster.

Tax breaks for the wealthy hurt the public sector. Weakens it. It is a shame but it cuts costs and when Democrats come back in and hike taxes it will act as a buffer and help maintain public programs that were already there and are now left. It is a hefty price and America will feel the pinch but that's how cuts can be made.

We clearly would rather have someone more resilient in office but there isnt anyone. Trump is the best we got sadly. And I agree about his diplomacy he is a very big person in the world's media and so on. He can speak his mind. He isnt a cold person to take in.

@Cyberdevil the proper thing is probably hike taxes and cut across the board and then maintain tax average during recession in order to prevent a huge bubble when taxes kick in and the economy dwindles. On a positive note there is the lowest unemployment rate in american history in the longest time atm. Trump would be smart to start instilling taxes in his next term.